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Once upon a time, two dorks named Diet Coke and Fat Coke decided to become astronauts. They studied and finished university and finally aged 60 and 105 they went to the universe. Since they were too stupid, they got lost and destroyed their ship. They were starving, dieying and practically lost. They went to Mars thinking it was Earth, but actually Aliens ate Fat Coke's hand. After 2 Years of sunbathing in Venus,Diet Coke said:
- Fat Coke, don't you think you're fat?
Fat Coke got angry and tried to slap Diet Coke but he had no hand. Diet Coke laughed hysterically and died shortly after. Fat Coke felt sad and remembered the first words he said to him:
- Fatty, I think we should search for a new planet, he said.
Of course these weren't his first words,but whatever - Fat Coke remembered them and wanted to grant his friend's wish. He was 110 years old when he finally found some strange planet, More far away than Pluto, Hotter than Venus and bigger than his mom ass. He jumped into it and saw amazing nature - pink sakura trees, big sparkling lakes and shining sun. There were farting unicorns everywhere and screaming harry potter fans who were actually cats.
- Pixel Kingdom, he said bravely.
He named it Pixel Kingdom and in 20 years he built his own planet. He had 300 kids and 2000 wifes. But as he reached 200 years,he knew it was his turn to die. He gave away his crown to a lady called Anne, his one-of-300-kid, and said:
- I'm going to fart.
That's not what he said... well,anyway,you get the point.
And so Anne delevoped this Pixel Kingdom into a beautiful Planet, About 41714856 light years from Earth. You can only access it through internet, and only few know about it. We will still remember Fat and Diet Coke who invented Pixel Kingdom.

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